Moskitoo india-cult

Spirit of colors

Moskitoo is a Swiss label. It was founded in 2002 on the gorgeous party beaches in mystical Southern India.

Inspired by the foreign cultures of exotic countries mixed with Western influences, Moskitoo designs have their own style. A range of bright and natural colours are reflected in our clothing. They are made with love especially for individuals of a unique lifestyle. We also offer accessories, natural jewellery, an array of delightfully smelling incense and natural resins, handicraft and spiritual God figures from the dreamy places in our world.

Moskitoo is based in Rorschach at the Lake of Constance. Many ideas begin here, inspired by the expanse of the lake’s horizon.

Being engulfed by the fascinatingly mystical countries of India and Nepal with their spiritual rituals and culture, we have our products mainly produced in those countries.

At Moskitoo we mostly design our pieces by ourselves in cooperation with the local producers. The production in India and Nepal are solely small garment factories and family business. No children are employed in these facilities. Fair trade is very important to us!

Moskitoo is a small enterprise. We are careful not to produce in plenty in respect of unnecessary consumption of raw materials and the protection of the environment.

Dive into another world...

.... visit Us at festivals, parties, markets, trade fairs and Christmas markets around Switzerland, and at the online shop.

Moskitoo, made with Love