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  • ohrschmuck-ohrring-messing-boho-schmuck-moskitoo-india-kult-schweiz
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  • ohrschmuck-ohrring-messing-boho-schmuck-moskitoo-india-kult-schweiz

Assa Ohrringe -Earrings

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Beautiful, high-quality handcrafted earrings, earrings made of brass-silver-plated or in sterling silver 925.

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Bohemian earrings - fair produced.

The Surya earrings inspired by nature. This earring is traditionally hand-cast from brass or sterling silver by Balinese artisans, polished and then provided with sterling silver studs. The earrings are beautifully made and can be closed safely and easily. In all three versions, the ear studs are made of sterling silver and are therefore well tolerated.

This earrings are available in golden brass, silver plated or 925 sterling silver.

All earrings are made for standard holes and also look good worn through tunnels.

Size: 5 x 5.5cm

Care & cleaning:

If your brass jewelry tarnishes, clean the jewelry with a little vinegar and salt. You just moisten the salt with a little vinegar and rub the metal with a cotton swab until it is shiny again. Then rinse with clean water.

With silver cleaning cloths from the drugstore, the pieces of jewelery can shine again in a new shine. Alternatively, clean the jewelry with toothpaste. To do this, the jewelry is simply made with toothpaste and an (old) one. Toothbrush rubbed in. After drying, wash off as usual and polish a little.

: JEE1089

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